the founder

Meghana/Meghan Basi : Completing visual art education (4yrs) from “Walnut Hill School for the Arts-ranked-top 5 Arts HighSchools in the US under esteemed Visual art Dept. Head Jim Woodside “Meghan is a true original and a natural artist. “She is an important member of the department”. Primary faculty-Kenneth Tighe-“Meghan is a gifted painter and a lively creative thinker”. “Her flights of fancy create surrealism infused compositions that are both strange and fascinating”.

Accepted into Topmost Art & DesignSchools-6 Merit Scholarships.  Parsons School of Design (NY) #1 in the US & #3 in World Ranking Merit Scholarship-Exceptional & Global- Award Recognized Student.  Parsons on the prestigious list 

Education: Completed rigorous courses in drawing/painting/ sketching-learning styles n techniques in pointillism. photorealism, hyperrealism, modernism, impressionism, surrealism, cubism, architectural, abstract, calligraphy anamorphic, line drawing, doodling, fashion, apparel design, printmaking, sculpture, photography, books as art, ceramics, illustration, narrative and various Indian styles.

Experience: Artistic journey of 14 yrs and 3 yrs of art mentoring-National Art Educator Member since 2019.