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Transition from In-person to Online

Each and every one of my students is a collective family of Meghartz. It’s been quite a journey so far and each student is diverse and unique in their own way. The Online School is a Sponsoring Chapter for enrolling students to the national art honor societies by NAEA & an OEP (Other Educational Program) outside the school for learning art by Scholastics Art & Writing-Nation’s prestigious Scholarships & Awards

My whole purpose of teaching is to elevate student’s minds to think from a dynamic perspective.  Weekly hour-long classes teach students all genres/styles/mediums/techniques/textures of art, eventually turning them into unique artists with wider imagination & higher creative thinking to apply in their future lives, also resulting in an impressive portfolio to showcase their strengths. Preparing them to participate in all major national and international art contests.  Quarterly feedbacks through parent-teacher conferences in person or texts based on parental preferences. Yearly virtual gallery exhibits, ‘N’ promotions through social media websites.

Established in 2018.
Completed 3 years-2 art teaching centers transitioned to Online Art School

Meghana AKA Meghan Basi-the founder herself, a natural talent envisions building a creative generation ahead finessing her own way thru online art education globally.